History, Mystery and Hot Springs Caves abound in Ainsworth Hot Springs

Looking for the Best Hot Springs in Canada??

Well, look no more as we’ve found a well kept secret called … Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada!

History, Mystery and Hot Springs Caves abound in Ainsworth Hot Springs

Whether you’re looking for an unique  hot springs experience that includes an underground cave boasting temperatures of  38 degrees C (108 degrees F) for relaxing pleasure (year-round), or whether you enjoy Spelunking in the underground Cody Caves of only 10 degrees C (July/August) you’ll find them both in Ainsworth Hot Springs along with breathtaking views of the Kootenay Lake & Purcell Mountain Range.  The Hot Springs attraction has a variety of different pools boasting different temperatures and young children seem to appreciate the Glacier Plunge for instant cool down.

Ainsworth Hot Springs is the oldest settlement on the Kootenay Lake, nestled amongst the Selkirk Mountain Range and has been a well-kept secret that includes only 100 year-round residents, 1 hotel with restaurant and 2 motels. The historic ‘Mermaid Lodge & Motel‘ has been welcoming travellers since the early 1900s and is the oldest Lodge still in operation to this day that is steeped in incredible history.  Built by the famous Sherriff Henry Anderson in 1891, it was also the first wood-framed building to be built in Ainsworth.  In 1986, the Gillies family expanded their accommodation facility to include a kitchenette unit complex located in front of the historical Lodge.  They all have balconied views of the Kootenay Lake & Purcell Mountain Range as well as being conveniently located next door to the famous Ainsworth Hot Springs Pools and Cave.  Check out their website for more information.

These days, the secret is out as there are many more attractions to explore nearby such as more natural hot springs, trophy fishing, golfing, skiing and/or hiking the Kokanee Glacier to name but a few.  If you are like most first time travellers to Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia,  you’ll agree that this is the best Hot Springs in Canada and you’ll either plan a return visit here, or hope to move here permanently. One thing is certain, you will leave Ainsworth Hot Springs de-stressed, feeling healthier than ever and have a better understanding of what the locals call “Kootenay Time”!  Don’t come to Ainsworth looking for plentiful shops and restaurants, plan to get away from it all and appreciate that you don’t need everything yesterday!  You can either drive here via Hwy #31 and/or you  can fly to Castlegar (1.5 hour drive)  or to the NEW Rocky Mountain International Airport in Cranbrook, B.C. (3-4 hr drive), then rent a vehicle for your onward journey to Ainsworth Hot Springs, B.C. Canada.

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