Nico’s Pizza Revelstoke

After a long day driving, you are often too tired to think and the thought of a complex dinner with kids is too much and since we’re not the organized types who have a picnic dinner on standby.

The Best Western we were staying at, although a new construction, did not have a restaurant, but was willing to shuttle us into town. As we weren’t sure what we wanted to eat and I had no intention of drinking (I knew even one beer would put me to sleep), we returned to the car for the 5 minute drive into town.

At this time of year, Revelstoke is not in full ski season nor is it anywhere near summer season, so it seemed a big ghostly in the town at 6 PM. Nico’s was bright and inviting and pizza seemed the thing. Inside, we found find solid wooden tables, decor for snowboarders, plus funky art including a psychedelic painting on Jimmi Hendrix. The music was 90s Grunge (Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, etc.)

And it was pizza and beer and wine; a local brew was on tap and there was a selection of interesting pizzas. We started with the cheese bread. My pizza was a meat one with bison and the rest of the family enjoyed make your own veggies pizzas on Nico’s fluffy crust.

The other patrons were interesting too. A German duo was enjoying the place and we were joined by about a dozen very rosy-cheeked 20-somethings who were clearly just off the slopes or the trails.

I noticed they did provide delivery service, so we could have just ordered the pizza to the hotel room, but it was much more fun to enjoy the spirit of the place.

For more info:
112 First Street West, Revelstoke.

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