Davison Orchards Farm Village


Davison Orchards has been a fixture in Vernon, BC for decades. It is a family run farm and market that has opened its doors and welcomed the community in and the result is a wonderful family friendly attraction. For my children it is a must whenever we are in the area.

They love the Crazy Cow Kids’ Corral with its fantastic playground. Their favourite activity, however, is the rubber duck races. Pumping the old fashioned handles as fast as they can to send more water down the chutes and make their ducks go faster. It makes for shrieking and often wet fun.

There is also a petting zoo. Children can pet and feed plenty of goats, sheep, bunnies, chickens and a couple of very sweet donkeys.

For the whole family there are farm tours on a wonderful tractor train. A great and fun opportunity to show the kids how their food is grown.

Beat the heat with a made-to-order frozen yoghurt from the market or relax with a latte at the cafe. But whatever you do you must remember DO NOT go home without a pie. They pride themselves on their pies here and it shows. However, they think their apple pie is the best, I disagree I think it’s their peach. We never leave the farm without one and neither should you.

For more information visit: www.davisonorchards.ca

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