Cliff Gilker Park in Roberts Creek

Cliff Gilker Park is the easiest of three walks we did on our Sunshine Coast vacation.  The problem for us was a three-year-old.  He was keen to walk his little legs off, but with roots and ups an downs, we were worried.

Before I get too far into the details, Cliff Gilker Park, is at 3110 Sunshine Coast Highway near the Roberts Creek Road intersection.  The access to the park is on the east side of Hwy 101.  We took the upper parking lot.  At the same location were swings, a baseball diamond and well kept bathrooms.

The key reason for going are the many lovely little waterfalls sprinkled throughout lush woods.  The trails are well marked and the ups and downs on the trail were good for the youngest of our party.  The yellow path is the easiest.

I have uploaded a few photos so you can have an idea of why it’s worth stopping for a walk.

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