The Three Reasons to Visit Roberts Creek BC

Roberts Creek is smaller than you might think, but if you are running up and down the Sunshine Coast Highway, make sure to head toward the water along Roberts Creek Road.

The key reasons are:

1. The Shops are quite quaint as is the architecture.  There’s a lost Hippy feeling to it that is unique. The stores include a General Store and a children’s clothing shop.

2.  The Beach.  At the end of Roberts Creek Road is a tiny parking lot (brace yourself for disappointment at finding a spot on a sunny day) where you can park and walk down a spit of land to a stunning view.  Sit on a log and just take it in.

3.  The Mural.  As we understood it, each year artists create a mural on the circular area of flat concrete that you will find just before hitting the beach.  See the pictures in the gallery.

One thing that I would request the City Elders to keep an eye on is the few porta-potties they have at the end of Roberts Creek Road.  On out late summer visit, they were rather in need of being serviced.  Yuck.  Just a warning to nasally sensitive people.

But don’t let that stop you enjoying the view from Roberts Creek.

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