Fernwood Road Cafe Salt Spring Island

During our trip to Salt Spring Island, we investigated Fernwood Cafe on 325 Fernwood Road, which is in the north end of the island.

It’s a small cafe and like many rural businesses they share space with a massage therapist outfit. I mean, what else is more West Coast?

The cafe is small, but has high ceilings and is very bright with a view of the water across the street. It was a bright sunny day when we were there and the birds were singing in the tree.

The food is all home cooked. There was a 20 minute wait for a chicken pot pie. It was nice that they warned me about the wait, but being on holiday time, it was not a problem. The banana bread was a hit with children and adults. And, as is common with Salt Spring Island, the vegetarian bagel sandwich was appreciated by the vegetarian.

It was also good to see the locals frequented the cafe. My suspicion is that there is not so much business on the island that you can’t not cater to both local business and the tourists.

More info here: www.fernwoodcafe.com

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