Jack Foster Trail Salt Spring Island

On Salt Spring Island, at the intersection of North End Road, Southey Point Road and Sunset Drive there’s an access point to Jack Foster Trail. We were lucky that the trail access was walking distance along a country road were we had a chance to feed grass to a couple of horses in a pasture.

It’s a wooded trail, bound by moss-covered decaying snake fences that lead to the ocean.

Technically this is an easy trail, which means you can easily use running shoes (preferably ones you don’t mind being covered in mud), but be aware that there are a number of ups and downs and exposed roots.

The peacefulness of the woods, which are decorated by moss, will make you feel away from it all. We met one couple on the trail and that was it. It was March so it was not high season.

A convenient set of wooden stairs leads to the water where there’s a rocky beach and, despite a nearby dock, it felt like we had the cove to ourselves. Take the time to take in the peace and listen to what you’re not hearing.

Allow 45 minutes each way with time to linger on the beach.

And the horses like the grass.

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