Oystercatcher Seafood Bar & Grill Salt Spring Island

Our first night on Salt Spring Island we needed to find a place to eat. In our case the usual issues of kids’ menu and vegetarian choices applied. Our B&B (Quarrystone House) was keen to recommend the Oystercatcher as they share ownership!

The Oystercatcher is located at 110 Purvis Ln #201 near the Ganges shopping area. The restaurant has a great view of the Ganges Harbour.

The decor was nautical with boats (like a sculling boat) hanging from the ceiling.

I had the beef burger that’s a common theme on Salt Spring Island as they like to use the local grass fed beef. It tasted great. The Bombay Curry Bowl was suitably vegetarian and spicy hot.

The kids could not finish their pizza or pasta … so it was leftovers for us!


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