Sunset Farm Studio Salt Spring Island

At the north end of Salt Spring Island, there’s a place to visit called Sunset Farm, which is on Sunset Drive, conveniently. Basically it’s a hobby farm with sheep, ducks, chickens, goats, two ponies and very cute black lambs (just don’t tell my kids what happens to most of them).

One thing we learned was that it’s a lot easier to raise sheep on Salt Spring Island because there are no foxes, coyotes or wolves. In the Fraser Valley, predation by coyotes is an issue. Interestingly if you are raising chicken, you don’t want to be too close to the water. Mink, of all things, come from the shore and kill the chickens and will kill far more that they can eat.

In the shop are local wool products, pottery, candles, trinkets of all sorts, and frozen local lamb. There were lamb stuffed toys that were all hand-made and with individual names. Holly was one name (since that one came home with us) but there were also Nepalese and Tibetan names.

Yes, folks, this may look like rural Canada, but it’s the West Coast.

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