Butterfly World & Gardens Coombs


The travelling family is always on the look-out for a good place to visit that the children will enjoy, but has some educational value and isn’t just wall-to-wall commercialism.

The Butterfly World & Gardens in Coombs BC fits this bill.  We had an 8 and 2 year old with us and their interests were both piqued.  The eldest just wanted a butterfly to land on her and stay for a couple of moments.  The youngest wanted to just be able to see everything and had a good sense of discovery.

Fortunately the facility wasn’t just a pile of butterflies flitting about.  Due to the environment needed to maintain the butterfly, other creatures were co-existing.  Tropical finches and Chinese Quail were loose in the enclosure and they were as interesting as the butterflies.  In addition a variety of warm climate reptiles were present including a chameleon and a neat looking gecko.  Some big hairy spiders were on display.  In the inside ponds were some turtles.  You could get quite close and there was a sign that said that the turtles do bite.  It was nice that it was a simple warning assuming that you weren’t a total nut and would be smart enough to keep your distance.

The orchid and tropical gardens were impressive and there were a couple of resident African tortoises for us to enjoy.

The gift shop was sensible and not a big commercial affair.  All four of us had a good time.

Coombs is on Highway 4A heading toward Port Alberni and is 15 or so minutes from Parksville and Qualicum Beach.

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