The Coombs Emporium

In Coombs BC, which is about 9 km from Parksville, there’s a shopping area that is identifiable by its plaza with large stone sculptures of animals and Buddhas.

The Coombs Emporium is a collection of strange things. A snack bar with ice cream makes no sense when contrasted against Buddhas and bosomy women wooden sculptures.

Bosoms and Buddhas

There’s also a collection of intense biker style T-shirts. But I can’t imagine any bikers wearing them. Maybe a cartoon biker?

Over the top?

Wooden giraffes (and more bosoms) are also strangely popular.

The wooden willies that double as bottle openers were kind of top-of-the-heap-odd.  No photos.  I’m more a free the nipple kind of guy than free the willie.  This place is so worth walking through and admiring the quirkiness.

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