The Tale of Two BC Book Stores

When on vacation, sometimes you get a moment to read. When shopping in places, I love looking for small bookstores. Occasionally you find a good book.

Coombs BC is about 9 km from Parksville. In Coombs there’s a bookstore called Cozy Corner Books that’s got a lot of stuff but over time it’s gotten more disorganized over time. The owner knows tons but I literally tripped over a pile of books and was trapped for a couple of minutes. It’s always fun to look around but ton find anything is tough.

Meanwhile in Parksville, at Fireside Books, the place is super well organized. The COVID-19 protocols were in place whereby they limited the number of people in the store, required masks and had hand sanitizer. In fact he bookstore felt safer than the local Shopper’s Drug Mart.

At Fireside Books, I bought an Iain Banks book. (I wanted more and left due to the size of my reading backlog.) In their special editions case, there was a first edition paperback of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride … for $100!

My wife spoke with them and the owners of this store are going online with their collection soon. There’s a pandemic demand for books. I’m hoping to check back at their site later to see if I can find other treasures … once I’m caught up.

Check out their site.

Cozy Corner does not have a website. 2300 Alberni Hwy, Coombs, BC V0R 1M0

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