Englishman River Falls Provincial Park


Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is located in Errington BC, which is about 6 km from Parksville.

It’s my kind of hike (more of a walk, really) because it’s short (3 km) is easy and the scenery is spectacular. There are two falls (upper and lower) that have wonderful views. The lower falls ends in a pool in which thick-blooded individuals were splashing about. The water comes from a mountain and I expect it would be a tad chilly.

The park is fairly busy, given there’s a campground attached and is easy access to day trippers as well. But you do feel out in the woods when you take it. Please however, mind the signs. The fences protect you from a rather abrupt fall into the gorge. Gravity is non discriminatory no matter how talented you think you are.

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