Lefty’s Fresh Food Parksville, facilitated by BC Ferries


It seems we have a tradition with Parksville. It’s Lefty’s Fresh Food, which is a restaurant on the Island Highway. It’s right beside a Thrifty Foods in the same strip mall. We never manage to leave Vancouver early enough to stock up for our stay at Thrifty Foods and have the energy to cook something back at where we stay.

Part of the reason that we end up late in Parksville is because of a) we aren’t morning people and b) BC Ferries is odd. BC Ferries charges you extra to book a sailing but they only allow bookings for a small proportion of the boat. So, you can still possibly make it onto that sailing if you arrive early enough. Waiting 2 sailings is not uncommon at the peak season. We were unable to book for the sailing we wanted, so we booked the following one as insurance. We took a gamble and arrived early for our sailing, hoping to get away sooner. Well, the ticket agent was not impressed we were so early for our reservation and said something about it being so busy and we should have come at our proper time. This failed the “so what?” test and I simply listened to his instructions on how to make sure we were in the reserved line up if we didn’t make the earlier sailing. No one in British Columbia has good things to say about BC Ferries.

Anyway, this is a restaurant view, not a bitch session about BC Ferries.

So, we went shopping (Thrifty Foods is open until 10) and then walked into Lefty’s. One advantage of the place is that it works for adults and kids with a good kids menu and decent brews for adults.

Our family chose Mediterranean Salad, their beef burger (with cheddar, bacon and mushroom), the veggie burger and macaroni and cheese. All went down well and we had leftovers and no room for dessert, despite a tempting set of options. (Mad Dog’s Fudge Cake looked pretty tempting.)

And, yes, it’s called Lefty’s because they celebrate left-handedness, which is fine with me as I eat with both hands.

See www.leftys.tv for more info.

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