Lefty’s Restaurant in Parksville


Lefty’s is a yummy restaurant in Parksville, B.C. Their menu has many choices with a lot variety, as it is not a “we-only-have-one-focus-that-we-take-way-out-of-proportion” restaurant.

Lefty’s has everything from pastas to burritos, literally, when I visited I had a burrito. When I went it was at an odd time, before dinner but after lunch so there were very few people in the restaurant. The waitress came right away with menus and drink orders (I had a Shirley Temple) so no complaints there.

However, once we’d decided what we wanted to eat and ordered it took a rather long time for the food to reach the table. It felt like wading through molasses hungry. When the food did arrive it was quite nice and hoovered down due to the wait. We didn’t order desert. Overall, it’s a nice restaurant, well-kept and child friendly with a kids menu, but don’t go on an empty stomach.

More information: www.leftys.tv



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