Riptide Lagoon Adventure Golf


In Parksville on Resort drive is Riptide Lagoon Adventure Golf, with two mini golf courses that easily serve tourists who stay at the resorts.

This summer I stayed with my family at Ocean Trails Resort, one of the places on Resort Drive for about the fifth time in a row.

Due to the fact we’ve been staying so long the mini golf has worked its way into becoming a family tradition. They have several attractions on their grounds, bumper cars, arcade, ice cream, and of course the mini golf. Actually playing mini golf is a bit like playing in a cartoon, all the little obstacles and decorations are cartoon-ish.

Plus, the little ponds they have around the course, their “lagoon”, are tinted a very vibrant blue. The two courses are a “mountain” course with more uphill holes and a “lagoon” course with slightly more strategic angle coming into play. Both are fun and enjoyable. The bumper cars and arcade are traditional, basically what you’d expect.

Finally, the ice cream is very good, and the scoops generous. Overall it’s a really fun experience to add into your vacation and I would recommend it for all ages.

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