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Mini Golf is one of those games where, once at the third hole, and if you were playing fairly, gives you the thought “why did I ever think this was a fun game?” The “no cussin'” signs are appropriate.

Parksville has a couple of mini golf courses and RipTide is in the southern end of Parksville’s part of the 19A “old” Island Highway. It services all the Rathtrevor Beach traffic and Resort Drive folks.

Riptide has two courses that are consistently themed and decorated in a very imaginative way. I’ll let the photos do the talking on that point.

Despite the obviously artificial decorations, the course is surrounded and protected by evergreens and Arbutus trees. Despite a massive drought in the summer of 2015, they managed to have their fake blue water moving.

Once you finish holding back your swears on the course, you can come back to their facilities and play a video game or air hockey or drive on some bumper cars.

One surprise was that they took their ice cream sales seriously. For example, they had soft and hard ice cream and one scoop was a serious-sized scoop. And the flavours include non standards as salted caramel, birthday cake and Nanaimo-bar flavoured.

I guess that’s not too bad a way to offset 18 holes of frustration.

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