Parksville In a Hurry

The editors of this website asked local businesses for the essential recommendations for Parksville.

We asked them: “If you imagine that someone has come to you and they are on a totally tight time line, and asked you these questions, what would you tell them?”

1. Where should I eat that I should not miss in Parksville?

For Parksville, would be either Mekong River located at 625 Island Hwy, Parksville. Best vietnamese food! Or, Gary’s Bistro in Qualicum Beach. Fun atmosphere, great staff, large variett on the menu! They are located at 115 West 2nd Ave.

2. If I only have time for one outdoor activity, what should I see or do in Parksville?

I would say Milner Gardens at 2179 West Island Hwy for a stroll through the coastal douglas firs on 10 acres of tranquil garden paths along the ocean. If the guys don’t like it, they shoudl try one of the many golf courses in Oceanside; there are many to choose from, depending on skill level.

3. Is there a museum or cultural site that is a must-see to represent Parksville?

Today Parksvile’s mild climate and beautiful beaches still attract new settlers and recreational visitors from all over the world. The major attraction in our area is the natural beauty. With expansive beaches, lush old groth forests, spectacular waterfalls and abundant wildlife all set with a backdrop of snow capped mountains, central Vancouver Island is a super-natural wonder. There are few places in the world where you can ski, swim in the ocean and golf all in the same day.

Thanks to Shannon of Ocean Trails Resort for the contribution.

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