Wild Flowers on Mt. Tzouhalem

The months of April and May certainly bring out the wildflowers.

The south western slope of Mt Tzouhalem, home to Gary Oak Trees has been set aside as a wild flower reserve. Keeping this area free of Scotch Broom allows the sun to awaken the beautiful little flowers and fill the meadow with an amazing array of colour. Today [April 23, 2012] we enjoyed blue Camus, pink shooting stars, yellow spring gold, white saxifrage, and amazingly large yellow balsam root. Growing on the rocky edges are sedums. White Easter lilies are slowly fading and a few chocolate lilies are still showing through the grass. Small curly leaves of the Oaks are just starting to develop. On a clear day there is a lovely view of Quamichan Lake and Mount Provost. Truly a delightful spot to relax and take in the joys of nature.

All this beauty is just minutes from Jacquie Gordon’s Bed & Breakfast in Duncan.

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