Best Chocolate Shop in Vancouver

If you are allergic to, or dislike, chocolate please read no further.  In Vancouver there is a chocolate shop that is pretty darn amazing.  I am a chocolate junkie and I have the waistline to prove it.
Chocolate Arts at 2037 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver in the Kitsilano neighbourhood is worth a visit.  Make sure when you walk in you try just one of their chocolates.  Take the time for your tongue and nose to realize this ain’t your emergency-got-to-have-a-fix bag of M&Ms.  This is for real.
The other thing that’s cool is they take their artistry seriously.  Each season they have interesting displays.  And if you have a need for a quick gift home, get one of their medallions.  They are based on Haida artist Robert Davidson and no one will see them at the local shops at home!
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Make sure to continue nosing in and out of the shops on 4th Ave. in Kits.  There’s always something interesting on each block.

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