Brunch and a Walk in Kitsilano

It was Canada Day and I did my patriotic duty by sleeping in and then invited my wife to brunch.  Juliet’s CafĂ© in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kitsilano (Kits for short) is at Cornwall and Cypress.  It’s a large place with a dine-in service.  You head to the counter, order, pay and then take a seat.  It’s hugely informal and always seems like the place is just not quite finished in terms of decoration.

I like their lamb club sandwich and my wife is fond of the warm goat cheese salad.  I am slightly addicted to the blueberry muffins.  They are only open to 3 PM.  They are connected to all the food delivery services so you can try without too much effort.

However, after good eats a pleasant walk is advised.  It was a glorious day so we headed north on Cypress until we reached Ogden Street.  Across the street is a park and the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

We were greeted by this intense flower. 

If you head west on the walking path you will pass by the doggie beach.  It’s fun to watch dogs and their humans have a ball in the ocean.

And then you will curve around and find Kits Beach.  Which, on a beautiful Canada, is busy with sun lovers and children.

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