Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you talk to people living in the Lower Mainland — what we call Vancouver and its adjoining cities — they will often say “I always wanted to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge.” This historic North Vancouver tourist site is worth the visit, but in my opinion should be followed up with a local walk to see similar terrain outside a contained park environment.

The reason for my first visit ever, despite being a 25 year veteran of Vancouver, was a school grad trip that I was helping to organize. For such an event, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park actually works well because it is contained. The Group Booking folks are very responsive and helpful. Our kids were taken through an orientation for safety and then with simple supervision spent a good three hours enjoying the park. The hamburgers went over well too.

If you have a heights issue, it’s not bad because the canopy of trees gives you something to focus on. The bridge itself does wobble, so time your walk across when there are not too many people on it. The tree walk and cliff walk are also popular. There’s also information spots where you can get a stamp and the kids can claim a certificate at the end.

Between being well thought-out and well-run, the Park is a great way to see some of the North Shore beauty.

We visited after 5 PM on a June day, and it was great. A worker suggested the morning or the evening on summer days because on nice days it gets really busy.

If you want a self-guided look of the area and with the advantage of it being free, you can check out a walk to the Capilano Salmon Hatchery. There are some easy trails just 1/2 a kilometre north of Cap Bridge that are worth seeing. (Left on Capilano Park Road — look for sign “Capilano River Regional Park”.)

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