Chocolate Arts and Granville Island for Canada Day


For context I’m on a ultra low sugar and refined carbohydrate diet that allows one cheat day per week.

Now, if you’re going to cheat, you ought to do it correctly, so I chose Chocolate Arts on West 3rd Ave in Vancouver. They had a special ice cream sandwich with macarons for $4.50. As you can see from the teeth marks below, this confection did not last long!


They also have a choose-your-own-chocolate for making hot chocolate. Despite being a chocolate freak, I don’t enjoy the regular hot chocolates you can have elsewhere. This one is like nothing else. And imagine being 6 days totally sugar free and then doing this! I think I’m still high.


Granville Island is the cool market island in the middle of Vancouver that hides under the Granville Bridge. Its about two blocks from Chocolate Arts and is home to all kinds of wild Artisans. I even found a specialist in making Sake. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that before.


On Canada Day there were tons of places for free temporary tatoos and face painting and given it was the 150th for Canada the mood was extra festive. I tried for the first time iced maple syrup. You take a stick (looks like a big popsicle stick or tongue depressor) and slowly roll up a line of syrup onto it. Tasty!


We walked and walked, and perhaps just maybe I worked off some of the dietary cheats!

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