Cutest Little Ferry Boats

It was a hazy day in Vancouver. Sadly it was not fog, it was smoke from horrible forest fires far north of the city. The air was smoky and I was in Yaletown for a mundane appointment and when I was done, the thought of regular transit back was unpleasant. Walking was my normal thought, but with the hot temps and bad air … why not ride the waves instead?

Right at the foot of Davie Street is a small dock from which The Aquabus and False Creek Creek Ferries have tiny little boats that take you to Granville Island, the Maritime Museum and other key points in False Creek and English Bay.

My destination was at the Maritime Museum near Kits Beach, which required a transfer at Granville Island. To see the boat traffic which included canoes, kayaks and more and to be free of cars was such a pleasure.

When you look at the pictures below, please imagine blue sky with real clouds!



Dock at Granville Island for ferry transfer

Maritime Museum Dock

Maritime Museum Dock

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