Dining at the Teahouse in Stanley Park


The Teahouse in Stanley Park is a stunning location for a fancy brunch, lunch or dinner. It’s located on the west side of Stanley Park off of Stanley Park Drive. Assuming you aren’t visiting on the swampy day we visited, the views from the restaurant and the grounds are spectacular.

The restaurant itself has that English country style to it and looks festive at Christmas time. We attended at brunch to celebrate a birthday.

There’s a large wine list, which we did not take from (we need to sun to be a bit more over the yardarm than that). I had the steak and eggs. Often at brunch places, the steak in steak and eggs is not substantial. I was quite pleased with the steak in question. The others had their Belgian waffles, which were almost obscured by fresh fruit. The 9-year-old in our party hoovered the entire adult meal up, which is a good sign because he’s a bit of a fuss budget.

So, if you have an event to celebrate or want to impress a date, this is the upscale Vancouver choice in the big park to enjoy.

For more information www.vancouverdine.com/teahouse/

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