Dinner at Sophie’s on a Vancouver Fireworks Night


Sophie’s Cosmic Café is always a treat for us. At 4th and Arbutus in Kitsilano in Vancouver.


It can be relied for its great burgers (including a very satisfying vegetarian nut burger) plus other items including good perogies, a great nacho plate, falafel and more.

Perhaps the standout item is the milkshakes. So far in experience, the milkshakes are the best in town. They had R&B Brewery products on tap that included a good lager and cream ale.

The décor is always wonderful. It gives you the impression that starting in the 1960s the owners gathered up all their play things and memorability and started collecting and displaying since then. I’d hate to be the guy stuck with the dusting.


In a happy coincidence, we went on the night that Vancouver had it’s first night of fireworks competition for the summer. The Honda Celebration of Light http://hondacelebrationoflight.com/ arranges for a barge to be in English Bay and basically invites 250,000 people to watch. There’s a huge amount of shoreline to find a viewing spot on.

As we walked down Arbutus St to go find out viewing point, we had this view.


A couple of hours later we and a lot of others were enjoying the display put on by the team from Japan.


That’s one way to spend a summer evening in Vancouver, eh?

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