Granville Island Markets and More


If you are visiting Vancouver, you should not miss Granville Island. Food, shopping, boats, artisans, entertainment and more.

Food and shopping is what you’ve likely heard, but when I last walked onto the island, I noticed the first thing you see looking forward is the Theatresports venue, where you can enjoy improv.

If you look behind you, you will see the Kids Market, which is a collection of toy stores and other fun things. Adults do not need children to enjoy that section.

On the road heading to Granville Island Market, you will find unusual (i.e. not so branded) shops like Make, in which you can custom create a souvenir T-shirt and other items. Make sure to pop your head into the Net Loft that also has artisans, a cool paper shop called Paper Ya, food, a hat shop an, oddly, a kitchen utensil store.

Granville Island Market is the key note destination shopping experience. There are mainstay food stalls but there is a lot of variation and it changes all the time.

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