Granville Island Vancouver

In a good way, Granville Island in Vancouver is a peculiar place. There’s a fascinating intersection of the arts, retail and not-so-light industry. In other words, watch out for the Ocean Concrete trucks lumbering across roads people often don’t really think are roads.

Given the brand-name-free nature of the shopping, it’s a pleasure to actually shop. I don’t understand the allure of Robson Street that has designer name brands you can find in any city’s high street.

My reason for being on Granville Island was a child’s birthday where a bunch of kids boarded a barged-converted-to-pirate-ship and all dressed up funny and said “Arrr me matey” and “For that we’ll keel-haul ya!” The kids had a great time sailing up the almost always calm False Creek.

Granville Island Pirate Cruise

I took the time to find lunch at the Granville Island Market. On a warm summer’s weekend it’s a gong show in the market but the food is great whether you’re buying to take home or enjoying a food court that actually has food with flavour. I enjoyed sitting outside eating (although the seagulls really want to help you with your lunch).

Best place to visit when hungry!

As luck had it, the Vancouver Jazz Festival was on and I sat and listened to a Jazz Quartet while keeping an eye on the gulls.


By the way, if you are driving onto Granville Island, if the weather is good and it’s a weekend, please be very patient. The parking is free in some places, but highly competitive.

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