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When you have children, the challenge is to find places to eat that are boring enough for young palates. We were rendezvous-ing in Vancouver’s West End with relatives from Victoria. Questions to friends found that the options were limited in the Davie and Bute area that fit our kid friendly requirements. (Denny’s at Thurlow and Davie was a possibility but, gosh, it’s Denny’s.) There are a fair few ethnic (for lack of a better word) places around that corner but a fancy sauce would not work for the kids.

As I was parking, I saw Hamburger Mary’s Diner at Bute and Davie and suggested we walk by it and check out the menu. One thing about Diners is that they always can do grilled cheese, which would meet the child palate limitations.

There’s a lot on the menu so I will only tell you that they have a Bison Burger. I enjoyed the change there. One child is a perogy fan (assuming anything sauce-like is removed) and the perogies were deemed really good and we suspect there’s a Prairies Ukrainian at work here. The meatloaf was declared satisfactory as was, oddly, a waffle. They do all day breakfast, which helped as the youngest member of the party was being extra fussy.

So, if beset with a diverse group of tastes, consider Hamburger Mary’s Diner.

Address: 1202 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1N3 – Phone:(604) 687-1293

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