Hamilton Street Grill, Yaletown Vancouver


I’ve been to a number of places for steak in Vancouver, but this is where I always return. I think the primary reason Neil fully understands steak is that he never fully bought onto the fat-makes-you-fat routine. Back in the 80s or so when the de fatting of all food was really in full swing, I noticed that steaks at home and out generally started tasting bland. Guess what, the fat helps give it flavour.

Anyway, the restaurant is stylish without emptying your pocketbook. It’s best to be on Neil Wyle’s mailing list because that’s how we found out about a dinner-for-two deal for $50, which was a steak or fish option and you could skip the salad and keep the dessert. The flourless chocolate cake was fantastic.

The mushroom gnocchi risotto is a terrific vegetarian option which is pretty amazing for a meat-oriented restaurant.

He has R&B Brewing products on tap and the rather dark Cream Ale was wonderful. There’s a good martini list with lots of fruity choices.

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