Hi-Nippon, Vancouver

I was going out for dinner in Vancouver with a group of friends and nobody was very picky as to where we were going to eat. One friend (we are all 14-15) suggested we go Hi-Nippon, a sushi place on West 4th Avenue and Vine. I figured well, we have no better ideas and I’m getting hungry so sure.

We enter the venue and are immediately shown our seating options. We could either sit at a regular table or we can sit in one of the take-your-shoes-off-and-get-into-what-feels-like-a-mini-apartment tables. We are a party of five and the Japanese tables look like they have more space so we choose one of them. I didn’t feel quite as cut off from the rest of the restaurant as I predicted sitting at one of these tables as predicted.

The menus come and they seem pretty straight forward. They looked like the regular menu of any Sushi place with all the usual choices. Now, I’m vegetarian and not particularly fancy, so I order kappa (cucumber) rolls and some yam tempura (deep fried yam). My friends who are not vegetarians get their preferred assortments of bento boxes. All of us were thoroughly filled by then end and had a pleasant time.

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