Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition, Vancouver

Located in Canada Place, if you are fond of Van Gogh’s work, you may well find it interesting. It runs until September 7, 2021.

The presentation uses a copyrighted technique called Image Totale.

We purchased tickets in advance. There was good signage and at 11:30 AM we were behind too other small groups. The COVID-19 protocols were in place and masks were required. The staff were all masked. The set up was that if you needed the bathroom, do it first.

The first things you see are large screens that are suspended from the ceiling. Light shining around the screens to indicate where to stand. The reading material would cover Van Gogh’s life and other details. This prepares you for the next room. In the next room has music and visuals.

Everything visual is huge. The canvases onto which Van Gogh’s art is projected is enormous. It’s best to check out the images.

You are given an hour to take it all in and my group took the full time. Some pictures were classics and some more obscure. Plus there were photos of places he’d been during his life.

A very tiny gift shop was available at the end for posters and the like.

The cost was $50 roughly. Best to go in the middle of the week to save some money.

Given the length of the pandemic, seeing a cultural event that was so beautiful and uplifting was incredible. We went for hot chocolate at Thierry’s on Alberni. What an afternoon.

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