Khatsahlano Street Party


On July 9, 2016 I visited Vancouver‘s West 4th Ave, normally a busy thoroughfare on a Saturday, and it was blocked off for Khatsahlano Street Party. Khatsahlano is the First Nations’ spelling of Kitsilano, the neighbourhood for which 4th Ave between Burrard and MacDonald is a focal point.

It was quite enjoyable to walk the street that is normally dominated by cars 24/7.

There was live music, presentations, henna tatoo artists and virtually all the businesses on the street seemed to have goods and services either on display or for offer. My wife found some good deals at Blue Sky Clothing which is local and uses a lot of more natural fibres.

There were a fair few beer gardens to sit out and enjoy the weather, which was mixed sun/cloud but enjoyable regardless.

We did not have enough time to walk as far as MacDonald, but I heard from a friend that all manner of food trucks were down that way and were a must-visit for foodies.

As I wandered through, I recall that in the past, this used to be a Hippy Daze festival that harkened back to the days when Kits was a hippy hangout. But this has pretty much vanished from Kitsilano. If you think about it, 1968 was 48 years ago and if you were 18 at that point, you are now 66. Plus, the whole New Age movement gobbled up the let-it-all-hang-out mindset. Rail against it if you want, but the yoga industry is a direct outcome of the 1960s.

But, if you want to feel retro and nostalgic, check out Zulu Records‘ vinyl collection.

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