Koko Monk in Vancouver

There is a small shopping area in Vancouver‘s Kitsilano neighbourhood that you may not know about. It runs one block on West 1st Ave between Burrard and Cypress. There are restaurants, spas, clothing stores, a wine shop and tucked in one spot on the north side is Koko Monk.

If you are a true chocolate freak, you must try this place. It’s tiny, but you can sit and have a hot chocolate, but the artistic unique flavoured chocolates are something to try and behold.

There are unusual flavours including lavender and watermelon that are so carefully blended in, you are amazed. And they are so beautiful-looking, it’s (almost) a shame to eat them.

Make sure to savour it.

You can see with this article a photo of what my son and I bought for his mother on Mother’s Day.

More information: kokomonk.com

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