MeeT in Yaletown


Although chilly (5 degrees C) it was not raining and we decided to walk the two streets and look to see what restaurants took our fancy. A place called MeeT on Mainland was near to where we started and it was a burgers and beer kind of place but – it took a moment looking at the menu – it was entirely vegan.

We continued to walk the two blocks. There were pubs, Italian, Greek, and a couple of chains like The Keg and Cactus Club. In the end I wanted to try MeeT because my wife, who is a vegetarian (but not vegan) would for once be able to order anything on the menu!

By the time we’d decided, the place was filling up and it was pretty happening with a mostly 20s and 30s age group with a few old geezers (like me) and a couple of families. The staff were friendly and willing to talk about the food. They confirmed that the confusion about the menu not being tagged “WARNING VEGETARIAN” was deliberate.

The beer on tap was craft breweries and I recommend taste-testing as one was really sour, the lager super light, but the darker ale was perfect.

The burger I had was super filling and had two different types of faux bacon and cheese. It was a spicy mix and had more flavour than the average burger. Oddly my wife’s “The Macro” dish was super filling and not something she’d do again. A bit too much. Go figure!

They have three Vancouver locations. Check here for more info.

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