I want to share with you one of my favourite frozen yogurt places of all time: MENCHIES! I was with my aunt one day and we went and got some frozen yogurt in San Francisco, and I had told her that I wish we had this back home. She gave me a funny look and told me that we had a place in Vancouver called “Menchies”.

The first thing I did when I came back was call up my friend and said we have to try this new place out. We drove to West 4th and there was this pink store that had this face on it, and the hair for the face was a swirl of yogurt. I was very intrigued and could not wait to try it.

When we walked in there was a sitting area for customers who had their yogurt, and the cashier was smack in the middle of the store, and behind the cashier was about 12 different flavours of frozen yogurt. The clerk welcomed us and explained to us that you had the option of testing each flavour of yogurt they had, to go and pour as much frozen yogurt as you wanted to eat. I was shocked, a cool self serve system, and I hadn’t seen anything like it before. They have these big bowls, which you can get with a waffle cone, a chocolate covered waffle cone, or one without to pour your yogurt in. They had created flavours I had never even heard of, like jelly bean swirl, they had a candycane chocolate, it was insane. I asked the clerk if the flavours were always the same, and she told me that they change the flavours every week or two. The only two flavours that always remain are the Chocolate and Vanilla. I tried this Pumpkin pie yogurt, and it tasted exactly like the real thing, they had this delicious Cake batter flavor, along with an apple tart. I felt like I was on cloud nine. Everything tasted so good. I chose my flavours grabbed my bowl and poured my yogurt, I was having fun being in control of how much I wanted. Which by the way I think is cool because some people just want a tiny amount to get the taste, while others want to fill their bowls to the brim and here you had the option of doing as you pleased. After we finished getting the yogurt they had this section to add toppings. Now you can add fresh fruits which they had pineapple, strawberry, kiwis, they had these jelly candies, cheesecake, cookie dough, brownies, anything you could think off. They also had an assortment of nuts for you to choose from, and sour candies, chocolate covered rocks, pretzels it was wild. Oh and lets not forget different sauces if you wish to have your yogurt like a sundae. When we finally decided we were finished making our creations we went and the whole system works by weight. The more you get the more it costs. In the end though I had my bowl pretty full and it came to $7.00 with a huge amount of yogurt and a fair amount of toppings. May I add that it was quite delicious. If you want they even have tubes of a few flavours mixed together that you could take home if you just cannot get enough of that menchie goodness. They even have this smiles card, that if you spend a certain amount you get 5 dollars off your next purchase and it goes up in five-dollar increments.

The best part about Menchies they have a wide range of locations so do not worry if you are not around the Vancouver area. They have locations in White Rock, Port Moody, Langley, and more. Just visit the Menchies website for locations and flavours.

In conclusion, if you love frozen yogurt Menchies will become your new favourite dessert place… and hey yogurt’s healthier than ice cream right?

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