Deep Cove, the jewel of North Vancouver

Deep Cove is technically in the District of North Vancouver, but don’t tell any locals that.

Deep Cove has the feel of a small village at the end of the road. In this case, the road is Dollarton Highway, which is slightly east of the Second Narrows Bridge as it leads into North Vancouver.

You follow the highway until you can go no further. The village has a series of shops, bistros, ice cream Parlours and so forth. The real reason for going is Panorama Park, which is not naming hyperbole. The view onto Indian Arm is spectacular. From there you can rent kayaks, have a picnic or start to explore locals trail. People with a literary bent will find Malcolm Lowry Trail which marks where its namesake wrote most of Under the Volcano. Deep Cove could not be farther from Mexico and the life of an alcoholic British consul.

Literary conundrums aside, for you food people, Deep Cove Pizza is basically a must.

Perhaps before pizza, to see the crazy view from Quarry Rock, use the Baden Powell Trail. It’s about 2 hours for under 4 km and an elevation gain of about 100 metres.

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