Tap and Barrel Shipyards


Escape Vancouver Completely (by way of North Vancouver) Without Touching a Car
Part 3 of 5 – Tap and Barrel

Right beside Lonsdale Quay (part 2 of this adventure), there is an area called The Shipyards, which is in what they call Lower Lonsdale. There’s a funky art gallery and a night market (more on that later) and a couple of restaurants.

We first looked at Pier 7, but the menu had only one option for vegetarians. We wandered over to Tap and Barrel, which I assumed would be a burger-fries-beer mentality. It was, but it also held a number of options for vegetarians.

The place is huge.

There are 50 taps all in a row along the giant bar. If you can’t find a beer you like, you are too fussy by far.

We started with the giant pretzel, which was in fact giant. The vegetarian sandwich was pretty substantial and the fish and chips were cooked correctly in that the beer batter protected the fish so that you actually had two tastes.

Apparently it’s really busy on a Friday night when the weather is good. If you want a seat you’ll have to wait, but they don’t do reservations. More info here: tapandbarrel.com/locations

Part 4 of our adventure led us mere metres away to the Shipyards Night Market.

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