PNE Winter Lights 2020


The PNE Winter Lights display in 2020 was an unexpected surprise for us as a friend suddenly had tickets she could not use. I had originally not considered this as an option because of the huge popularity and the idling of cars. (I really don’t like drive through anything.)

However, it was after Christmas and my family bubble was happy to spend some time seeing some Christmas lights. Do we headed out to the Vancouver PNE grounds and drove through. As you can tell from the photos, the lights were wonderful.

It was odd when I realized we were driving on the road that was the main route for the midway/Playland. It was odd and for a moment I thought “Jeez, I should not be doing this.”

In addition, there were dancers and people in animal costumes waving. The traditional food trucks – including the somewhat compelling mini donuts – were set up at the beginning and end to get drive through snacks.

You also had an opportunity to donate to the Vancouver Food Bank.

I missed some much of the regular Christmas outing this year, but I’m feeling grateful to my friend and my luck. Stay safe everyone.

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