Queen Elizabeth Park and the Bloedel Conservatory


Queen Elizabeth Park is a stunning 130 acre oasis in the city of Vancouver and is the city’s highest point; sitting atop 150m/500ft of granite. Millions of visitors walk through these gardens every year. Since the 1960s it has played host to countless weddings, family reunions, proposals, and picnics. Moreover it is a wonderful place to visit just for a stroll on a sunny afternoon. Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful and fragrant Rose Garden, or the equally beautiful Quarry Garden and Arboretum. There’s also a pitch and putt and a lawn bowling green, picnic tables and even a small off-leash area for your dog.

The lookout point is a must see. Take photo or just soak in sweeping views of the city and the North Shore mountains.

Sharing this wonderful view is the Seasons in the Park restaurant. This fine dining experience serves North Western cuisine in a setting that just can’t be beat. A seat on the patio is highly coveted. It sits near the peak of the park by the lookout point and the triodetic dome.

Housed within the triodetic dome the Bloedel Conservatory is the second largest domed conservatory in the world. For a modest fee ($6.50 Adult) you can take a self-guided tour through three different climate zones in one place. Plants from around the world fill this space; 500 different species. Some of which date from the Jurassic period and are very rare today.

And then there and the birds….

The Bloedel Conservatory is home to nearly 200 birds. From large Electus Parrots (native to Australia and New Guinea), to Turacos (Africa), to a variety of tiny finches from all around the world. Watch the path in front of you, they’re everywhere. If you stand very still or take a seat on a bench these beautiful creatures may even come to you.

So if you are looking for extra special to do, a stroll through this wonderful green space may be just what you’re looking for.

Not bad for a former rock quarry…

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