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The Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver is located on Burrard Street across the street from St. Paul’s hospital. It’s walking distance to a movie theatre, downtown Vancouver. I had the fun of using the hotel as a post operative recuperation zone. For reasons too boring to go into, I could not make it home after some abdominal surgery. had some deals and I booked in advance, making sure I confirmed the date before the cancellation date of the reservation, which was 3 days before the scheduled surgery.

There was a small line up at the front desk in the south tower and the staff was wonderful to me despite me holding a pillow to my middle and talking through clenched teeth. I was given a room in the north tower and a short walk and an elevator ride later, I was in front of my door with the key card failing to work. My wife kindly went for assistance and Murphy’s Law was at work because the batteries to the lock itself were dead. The security guy took a mere three minutes (I was sitting on the floor saying “ow” at this point.) to get me into the room. Soon the lock was sorted.

It wasn’t until the next day, when I was gingerly walking to the Starbucks attached to the south tower, I noticed this horse in the lobby bar had a lampshade. Of course the day before Raquel Welch from the 1960s could have flashed me and I wouldn’t have noticed.

On my last morning, I saw this view from the north tower.

So, if you need a quiet hotel to recover from surgery, I can recommend this one. I can’t tell you about amenities or food because I couldn’t use them!

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