Sophie’s Cosmic Café in Kitsilano

You can’t really use the words ambience and décor at Sophie’s Cosmic Café. The challenge is that it’s more a diner than a restaurant. There are the round twirly stools in front of the milkshake machine giving a soda fountain feel. They is outside seating and the rest are booths and tables.

The interior does not have a corner where kitschy memorabilia does not bump into what might be considered art. The signed Warhol print on the east wall somehow goes well with the aging Kermit the Frog doll hanging from a tin child’s ride ’em airplane.

If you are not in a rush, take the time when enjoying the food to enjoy the surroundings. There’s neither a nook nor a cranny that doesn’t have something that will make you smile or make you feel nostalgic.

Of course, since this is a restaurant, I should talk about the food.

Breakfast: Belgian Waffles. There’s lots of other good stuff, but the waffles are essential. Plan not to eat for the rest of the day. To avoid a line up on weekends, aim for between 8 and 9 AM.

Dinner: Vegetarians can pig out like the carnivores with Sophie’s Vegetarian Plate or the Nut and Vegetable burger. They understand vegetarians here. On the meat side, they do have a club sandwich that is done properly; actual roast turkey is used. The burgers are good as well.

Children totally enjoy the place as there’s a toy box. When my family goes we order such that the kids’ meals come up first and then they play and the grownups can have an actual conversation for a few minutes.

I almost forgot … the chocolate milkshakes are the best in town.

Sophie’s is at 4th Ave and Arbutus Street in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. For more information please consult

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