Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train 2016


The annual Stanley Park Hallowe’en Ghost Train and Attractions in is one of my favourite places because I like the spooky feel of Stanley Park in the Fall, especially when the Park does its spooky presentations. For me I’m not into the freaky scary stuff with chainsaws and gory zombies jumping out at you. The Stanley Park presentation is family friendly. It’s just eerie enough to thrill the elementary school aged children without parents dealing with sobbing wrecks.

This year was a Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) theme, which is much more cheerful, believe it or not, because its a central American holiday (Oct 31, Nov 1-2) that gathers family and friends to pray for and remember family and friends who have died and to help with their spiritual journey.

Therefore it was less scary than usual, but no less enjoyable. For me it’s a pleasure to escape on a tiny train, into the woods and enjoy the creativity.

There are also other exhibits ranging from a man selling light up Halloween devices to the Stanley Park Ecology Society who has volunteers talking to people about the wildlife in Stanley Park. Some brave teenaged volunteers will even dress up a flying squirrel for you.

A selection of photos are below. Due to low light conditions and device used, they are a bit fuzzy, but it would be even better if you came and looked for yourself.

More info here.


Where you buy your tickets


The start of the journey!

Sppoky dancers

The ancestors following the light

Spooky bride on the water

Aztec representation


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