Surprise Volleyball on Kits Beach


Kits Beach, which is located in Vancouver, on the south side of English Bay, across from the West End neighbourhood can be full of surprises. Yesterday morning at around 11 AM, I took a stroll to pick up a coffee from the Starbucks at Cornwall and Arbutus and then walked across the street, headed to the water and this was my view.


Walking about 10 metres down the path I discovered that Volleyball BC was having a tournament.


There was seating in the bleachers and I have never seen beach volleyball up close so I sat to enjoy my coffee. The match began and for a moment I felt like I was watching qualifying Olympic rounds. I’m sure experts would say “ahem, you must be kidding” but what the heck.


But the action continued. There was an MC on the loudspeaker with modern music and the supporters for the women playing cheering them on.

This is what team 1 looked like.


And team 2. I found with my dumb cell phone camera it quite challenging to obtain a shot with the volleyball and the players. One day I’ll buy a big boy camera.


I had to catch up with folks so I could not linger. Later in the day (about 5 PM) I walked by the beach and it was much busier and I saw the same teams on a practice court. Had they been at this all day? Wow. To compare my starting point, I took this picture.


There’s never a dull moment at Kits Beach and when there is, the view can take your mind away from any concerns.

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