Crescent Beach in Surrey


Surrey BC is a community in the Greater Vancouver Regional District that is a rapidly growing city. It’s profile in the news is the home to some nasty gang violence. I think therefore those like me with less knowledge of Surrey will be wonderfully surprised by Crescent Beach, which is in South Surrey on the way to White Rock, BC.

What fools you about Crescent Beach is that once you are there and have parked the car, the vibe is of an isolated beach town … the type where the population is about 40 in the off season and peaks much higher in summer.

When we arrived, I needed coffee and there was an independent coffee house, Crescent Coffee House, which served a mean enough dark roast for my city slicker tastes.

Crescent Beach 1

Crescent Beach 2

There are bistros and other restaurants, but we were keen to see the beach, which graced us with a low tide vista.

Crescent Beach 3 Low Tide

The walking running path led to a scene of trees, rocks and water that only BC terrain can provide. There were wild roses off the path which smelled heavenly.

Crescent Beach 4 Pacific Northwest View

On the way back, we found a City of Surrey facility that was all decked out for a wedding that, despite the overcast conditions, looked like it was going to be great for the happy couple.

Crescent Beach 5 Ready for a Wedding

Naturally, our troupe wanted to try the ice cream and there’s a place with 66 flavours, a lot of posted rules, and fish and chips. It was organized in such a way that when they inevitably have a crush of customers, I could not imagine how mayhem could be avoided.

Crescent Beach 6 Ice Cream Shop

However, we benefitted from a quiet overcast Saturday and scored big on the ice cream. Next time when the weather is better and we have more time, we are hitting the ocean!

Crescent Beach 7 Ice Cream

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