The Swimsuit Hunt


Recently it’s been getting much hotter in Vancouver therefore marking the beginning of… Swimsuit Season! So I looked at what I had in the bathing suit variety and well, nothing fit. So my mother and I did some research online to figure out what stores would have suits to fit my human shaped body. Now, I’m no toothpick but I really wanted a two piece with space in the middle that could make me look and feel good. We looked up places such as H&M, Old Navy, Walmart, Gap and places that carry Billabong swimwear. The things we saw on Billabong looked quite promising so we decided to look at stores that carried their products up on West 4th Avenue and Burrard Street.

Once we get up there the first store we go in is Pacific Boarder, which has a variety of swimsuits some on sale, some not. The ones on sale were made for super skinny people so we didn’t even bother trying to fit me into them. Looking at the other ones they seemed like they would work… Except one top was about $80. We did have a budget, and the entire budget was less than eighty dollars. Oh well. The next shop on that street we tried was Board Room, but they had even fewer swim options for around the same price.

Due to the fact that West 4th Avenue was a bust, my mom and I took our search for bathing suits to downtown Vancouver. First stop, Old Navy. Once we inside the store I knew I would have to restrain myself because they have the most adorable clothing for cheap prices. Once we in the swimwear section I see tons of possible options. We find high-waisted black bottoms and a supporting top to match. We get take two sets to the changing room, one large and one medium. I figured, I’m not the smallest person so one of these ought to do the trick. The bottoms in large fit perfectly however, both tops are too big. We take it down to a small and it fits. It felt odd though, because I’m not normally a small. Go figure. We get a set in black and another in blue.

So, swimwear in Vancouver? Not super hard to find if you’re the generic slim girl figure, but a slightly more difficult find if you are just naturally a shapelier person. I’m actually quite fond of my new suits and hope to wear them all summer long. Shoutout to Old Navy for having human sized clothing.

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