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When I lived in Toronto in the 80s, there were a ton of places where you could get desserts late at night and really hammer that glycemic index.

When I moved to Vancouver, the overall tone was either more about fitness or more about how you looked and, either way, there were fewer super powered dessert places.

However, True Confections at Broadway and Alma, which is in the very western edge of Kitsilano, is a wonderfully high calorie place to truly shove one’s diet and health plans down the drain.

We were there on a rainy Tuesday around 8:30 and the four of us had

  • Chocolate cake (very rich)
  • Chocolate pecan pie (very rich and smooth)
  • Black top cheesecake, which is basically a New York cheesecake with chocolate on top
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Pie a la mode

All were good and there was also a hot chocolate and strawberry milkshake that were also well received.

The interior is basic, but one really shouldn’t care if you are desperate for desserts that you can’t easily make at home.

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