Tunnel Bluffs Hike near Lions Bay


The drive to Lions Bay from Vancouver is 31 km and takes from 30 minutes to much longer depending on the traffic.  Access to Highway 99 takes you through Vancouver’s downtown.  You can take transit, but it leaves you with an extra 1.6 km to the Tunnel Bluffs trailhead.  However, there’s limited parking at the trailhead.  Regular travellers to this trail recommend avoiding weekends due to it being busy.

The parking lot is pretty small and often full but because we got there early we got a spot.

The trail is popular due to it being accessible all year long.  It’s at a lower altitude, reducing snow pack.

The first two kilometres are decently uphill switchbacks but then the middle section is pretty horizontal with a couple water features.

The tail end to the view has some rocky climbing but it’s not very difficult.  Round trip is 11.5 km. It took us about 5 hours.  Faster folks do it in four hours, but we were taking it easy.

As you will see below, the views are terrific.  Bug spray recommended though.

In our view, this was a good, intermediate hike that has a rewarding view without being too difficult. And getting the hardest part over at the beginning is really nice.

A view worth the hike

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