Vancouver Harbour Cruise


It’s nutty that I never went on a Harbour Cruise in Vancouver. Luckily someone at work decided this would be a good way to celebrate for our department.

The cruise company provided food and a bar and even though it was a social event I had time to ponder how highly changeable the harbour becomes.

It’s pretty industrial at first and is particularly eerie to see the structures for the Burnaby Terminal for the Trans Mountain Pipeline System. There’s so much debate about the expansion and to see the oil infrastructure with the creepy exhaust pipes that you think you are in a movie like Blade Runner.

However, not long after, you reach Indian Arm which has stunning scenery and you can’t believe you are less than an hour from the Port of Vancouver.

I can only suggest that if you take the cruise that you break away more from the buffet and bar and take in the contrasting views.

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