Butchart’s Gardens

The Butchart Gardens is likely one of the most famous Victoria, BC attractions, even though it’s down the highway in Brentwood Bay.

The lesson from this trip is not to hesitate to go on an overcast day.  With cooler temperatures and a neutral grey colour all around, photos were easier due to the lack of harsh shadows. 

This wasn’t my first time to the Gardens, but the first time during the pandemic.  The staff were super well organized and made sure our group of four were sorted out and on the right paths.

We were provided with handouts that helped us identify out-of-the-ordinary plants. 

The sunken garden is of course the wildly impressive feature.  You really did feel taken away from the world to a different time.  With over a 100-year history, Butchart Gardens is crazy because it started as a gravel quarry!

The gift shop has lots of the usual items, but the gardeners should keep an eye out for seeds from Butcharts.  Perhaps a way to grow something special at home.  There were also jam jars with unusual flavours that we used for gifts.

In normal years, it would have been difficult to get a seat for High Tea, which takes place in a huge century home.  But, as luck would have it, they had cancellations and we enjoyed the tea and mini sandwiches that are quintessentially English, but also a feature of Victoria.

In the end, don’t hesitate to visit on a cloudy day; you may have the place to yourself!

More info … www.butchartgardens.com

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